We offer standard memorial benches made out of granite. Granite memorial benches serve as beautiful cemetery memorials to a lost loved one. They can be used in place of a headstone in many cemeteries or can be used in dedicating a park or other suitable location. Granite memorial benches are also growing in popularity as landscape furniture in private residences.

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Ceramic Portraits

Photo memorial plaques commemorate your loved one as you remember them
Our photo memorials take your beautiful memories captured in a favorite photo and turn it into a celebration of life. You choose your photograph and we will place it on a porcelain plaque using our special firing process.

Picture memorials are perfect for headstones, grave markers, monuments, mausoleums and almost anywhere you can think of. The easy installation means you can quickly install the commemorative plaque on your own. Don’t worry, we will provide easy directions for a simple installation you to follow.

Granite Vases



The Paragon memorial vase shows us that things aren’t always as they seem. Styled after traditional granite vases, the Paragon has set a new standard, using die cast aluminum construction. You get the look of granite without the high cost. And with our color match finishes, the Paragon will fit any memorial perfectly.